Get on yer bike

Spent the best part of Sunday , slightly hungover, working with Adam ,Steve , Greer and the rest turning the front field at Hackney city farm into a bike powered cycle- in cinema for the night. We’ve been doing this bike electricity thing for five years or so from arts trail at the Big Chill festival to now under the Magnificent Revolution flag we’re flying , arts and ecology collection of bloody do gooders that we are. The basics are , put a bike and some bod pedalling it into training stand , spin the electric motor with the back wheel to make electricity which powers the projector and sound. The cycle-in has a 12 bike set up , generating roughly 500w of power and has a mish mash of bikes from punters who turn up on the night with em.

Last night we played Labyrinth to a crowd of 160 people. Wicked to put on events and see them turn up. Finest vegitarian Jamaican food was laid on by Mighty Veg Delights and well snapped up by all.

Its the second time Magnificent Revolution has screened at the farm and its storming success i reckon means there will be a whole bunch more.


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