shipping container office

It took a while . Two years and two planning applications later an old shipping container was craned over the trees and dropped into a far corner of the animal field . Magnificent Revolutions  environmental award from Castle Climbing Club together with a stolen corner of the pig pen at Hackney City Farm was just enough for us to put together this magnificent office space . After literally dragging the container across the field and over a hill with our bare hands it was jacked into place on a foundation of old railway sleepers . The design was to keep it like a shipping container inside , cut out a large window and door , build a secondary door and window inside the front doors , wrap it in a timber frame with a living roof on top. Insulation is sheeps wool and rigid wood fiber . The floor and internal storage is from straw board – like mdf but compressed waste straw . Striped pallet boards made the cladding . All the glass is double glazed, low e ,and gas filled . Most the soil , rubble , broken bricks , bits of wood which went on the roof came from around the farm .With a small budget all the work was done on a volunteer basis . Its a great place to work from , with views of the farm ,  and has even won an award for best small office space in London


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