42 year old virgin

Its my first time…Im a bit shy and a little shakey, but if we can have the lights off , i reckon i be ok. Fucking years ive been avoiding any kind  of web bollocks but dont think i can dodge it no more . So , kicking and screaming ive been wrestled to the floor and given chinese burns by the internet, then its tied my hands behind my back and forced me to ‘upload content’ for everyone to have a good gawp at. You bunch of wierdos.

Few nights before this , after the last lickandkiss of paint , we let the cider flow and celebrated magnificent revolutions’ groundbreaking new office space bang in the heart of Hackney city farm , in with the pigs. I’ve been working with magnificent revolution since the first bike powered cinema at Big Chill festival all them years ago and sweat some blood during the build of their new workplace , a converted shipping container , wrapped in sheeps wool , boarded with old pallets and topped off with a green living roof .
Superbabs cooked up a storm , big BBQ stylie with some tasty vegi delights. Proper feast mashup. We stuck up some photies on the container wall to show off the hand built process including how to drag a 2 ton shipping container across a field pics . GGRahhhh . Come on. Put up a couple of the scrap bike sculptures i bin messing around with this year. One is an old didies trike found in the farm with a figure made outta scrap wood and old inner tubes from the bike workshop at the farm. Plenty more of them to come in da future.
Couple of bike generators and some drunken wobbly legs gave us the power for the PA and live music from The nettle stings.Wouldnt be a proper pikey party without a decent fire , kept cranked up by young David from the farm.

Im gonna write a whole bit about the container office in more detail soon with a stack of photos. Big love to everyone who came to help us officially open the doors to this revolutionary new building and bigger love to the usuals who got involved with set up and take down stuff. Next time i might try it with the lights on low and could even take me socks off. If yer lucky.

Thanks El. Lipsmakinlovex