new workshop space

Not the easiest thing for me is to sit behind a computer and write . Much more up for running around and getting up to stuff . Like finding this old motorbike engine repair shop that was up for rent .

front of building

I started looking about for some work bench space cos the boat is too small and was fed up of all my shit being spread everywhere . The place I found was great . loads of room , upstairs and down .


and downstairs

As its way too big for me , a few others are getting involved . Hopefully a core of five of us will set up a new workshop space we can all share with sreenprinting , woodworking , metalworking , sewing machines and maybe even tattooing . The idea is once everything is set up , days when areas are empty can be booked out by others who need only temp. workspace.

oily oily

Shit loads to do . Dirty ,  leaky  ,  oily rooms with no power to transform into industrious workspaces . Its on the way . If anyone got money or tools to donate , please , knock yerself out .

riverside mooring

the compound