Whitecross street party

This is the third year i’ve helped me mate Teddy Baden putting on the WX Street show . Its an outdoor art gallery hung on the buildings and rooftops of Whitecross Street and is know as Rise of the Non Conformists . It stays up for 8 weeks and is kicked off with a 2 day street party with a food market , music , street performers and general merriment . Got involved in many different ways this year  , firstly with hanging and installing all the art .

bad ass crew

Teddy “the brains ” Baden

you spilled my pint

It takes four of us a long weekend and a fun platform lift ( that im sure is gonna tip over any minute impaling us all on the  railings below ) to put it all in place . The painters put their pieces on 2.5 m square boards and we wrestle em up high onto the walls .


more paintings

Artists include the likes of Xenz , Ronzo , Busk , Best ever , Dr D , `Shepard  Fairy and Robots , to name a few .

Ronzo ting

Marble carved bone

Got to help Robots for a bit Putting up the massive skull they made in between two Peabody Trust blocks . Hard day at the office darling .

Top of Robots skull

Nick Reynolds Banker