Magnificent Revolution

Magnificent Revolution (MR) is a not-for-profit education project based in London. Made up of artists, musicians, designers, ecologists, and engineers, MR has flourished into a cross-disciplinary organisation working in education, ecology, engineering, design, art, music and film.

MR has been running since the summer of 2007 when we first built a bicycle powered cinema at the Big Chill Festival. MR is aimed at helping people understand their energy use, its links with power  production and climate change. We guide people towards positive solutions and transition to low carbon lifestyles. MR uses bicycle power generators as educational tools in schools, colleges and communities. By showing people how many bikes it takes to power household appliances, we help people to understand energy in an enjoyable and engaging way. MR also equips people with knowledge and skills needed to actively participate in building a sustainable world by teaching them how to build their own miniature power stations


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