Vareska , or , the Wooden Spoon

taking shape

The first thing to come out of the new workshop was this giant wooden spoon . Me mate Babs and her mum Dana decided to turn their narrow boat , Zulu Warrior , into a floating Slovakian takeaway cafe . Its called Vareska , which translates into the Wooden Spoon .

termites at work


I started off gluing together lots of bits of wood I had laying around to make a big block with a long stick coming out of it . Then I set about it with some power tools to carve out a spoon shape .

layered up

making spoons

I used a chainsaw , electric planner , reciprocating saw and thanks to John and Gay , the newly discovered angle grinder carving disk . Grrrrrrrrr. Pretty happy with the results since it was my first go at carving .

had enough sawdust yet

pretty patterns

Weighs a ton and might just sink her boat one day . Its about 15 foot long and looks wicked on top of their boat.

installing it with Adam

on the roof

spoon cannon



More pics of the finished boat on a different blog . Shes a real beauty .



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