Human powered water feature

Magnificent revolution were asked to come up with some ideas for a human powered water feature to be part of the re development of an under used public space just off Borough High St . They gave me the job and I’ve been meeting with B.O.S.T ( bankside open spaces trust ) . Early stages yet , but these are some visuals I put together . The proposal is multiple rowing boats becoming a pedal powered fountain .


Bike Yard East

Been busy putting together a couple of bike things for two different kind of bike shops. Bike Yard East is the friendly bike workshop at Hackney City Farm run by Celia . I found an old kiddies bike by the side of the canal and wrapped it in old inner tubes that got cut down the middle . Tried to fasten it to the roof yesterday by the cut in half front wheel . Got to give it some more thought cos failed miserably .

The other is for Bike Kitchen .Its a new workshop space in Hoxton where you pay a membership then rent stand space to work on your own bike under expert supervision . Jenifer gave me an old Giant frame to work with . Been working with this tube wrapping technique . Its gonna have a butchered head jammed between the forks . See how long before the council make her take it down

Family bike history

While up in Hull at my mums 65th birthday party a bit ago we got chatting about cycling and our family . “Your great grandad was into cycling¬† ” , says my mum . “I think there is a newspaper cutting up stairs about him .”

Well there was a cutting about him , and this is it . I think¬† ‘into cycling’ was a bit of an understatement . He only started Hull Thursday road club and was a fanatical rider his whole life .Mum reckons he lived til 95 and rode his bike til he was 90 . What an inspiration . Always wondered where i got these cycle crazy legs from . Cant believe I never knew about him til now .

Hull Thursday club became one of the strongest cycling clubs in the country , and is still going today .